Mensch Publishing

Mensch Publishing launched in February 2019.

Mensch has no mission statement and no stated editorial strategy. Its aim is simply to help authors reach readers with minimal intervention and maximum impact and to reward them proportionately. 

The corporate logo was drawn by Spitting Image founder, Roger Law.

Richard Charkin says: ‘I don’t have a grand strategy for Mensch publishing – success will be driven entirely by the books we publish not the statements I make. But I trust Mensch will live up to its name’.


Guy Kennaway’s bestselling tale of family life and death will be released in paperback on 23th January 2020.

When his 88-year-old mother asked him to buy heroin so she could end her life, the author Guy Kennaway decided there was only one thing to do – write a book about it. Available now in e-book and audiobook.

William Waldegrave’s brilliant analysis of the state of Britain today and its future is published in paperback, e-book and audio. This review in the New Statesman and his superb interviews on Newsnight and Zeit Online say it all.

Next year is the 80th anniversary of the turning point of WW2, the Battle of Britain and we are publishing John Willis’s Churchill’s Few to mark the occasion.