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A Disciple

The Spiritual Path to Infinite Happiness
By Feroze Dada

A Disciple describes a singular journey with a universal appeal, on the path of Perennial Wisdom. There are lessons for us all as we recognise the call from our inner spirit, our yearning for ‘something other’ in a materialistic world that so often leaves us dissatisfied.

There is another way for us to live, and A Disciple asks important questions about faith and spirituality and connects us with the power of meditation. The author believes passionately that it is meditation that provides the foundation for a caring and compassionate future.

The story is told with engaging candour, with tales from mythology, quotations from Rumi, and references to Sufi texts all adding colour to the Wisdom Teachings he is receiving. The wise ones spoke in parables and metaphor because that is the form that penetrates and transcends our defences. We go to some deeper part of ourselves; non-linear and non-cerebral, which is what meditation is.

A Disciple is a fascinating exploration about how meditation can not only awaken our latent potential to live the best lives we can, but also transform the world.



About Feroze Dada

Feroze Dada is a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur whose journey begins when he meets his spiritual master- Ustād. On his path he discovers that that the practical experience of helping a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar, which is supporting over 1200 orphaned refugees from the war, commits him to an unfolding path towards self-discovery and understanding and one that will increasingly fulfill his spiritual needs. He lives in London and Tuscany.

News & Reviews

Feroze Dada highlights the crucial role of peace and solace in the journey towards enlightment. Read The News On Sunday’s piece here.

A great piece in the Daily Mail.

Feroze Dada is interviewed by journalist Kate Delamere in this wonderful video: watch here.

“A Disciple by Feroze Dada is an exceptional and beautiful book which traces one man’s spiritual journey on a quest for enlightenment. It is the perfect book for the seeker of truth with an enquiring and open mind… I am adding a chapter to my morning mediation every day so I can really appreciate it…This will inspire so many people. I am one of them.”

Chris Day, Managing Director, Filament Publishing


“We are all unique, we are luminous souls that make up this great world, but when we meet, we do not always recognise ourselves as part of the One.

I recognised Feroze as a brother at the first smile and in the wonderful diversity, where shadows and light alternate, I recognised myself in him. His thoughts, our thoughts, the thoughts of others, although so different, take us back to the same source and unite us in the same mission… Feroze’s book “A Disciple” is a beacon of light that humbly and joyfully weaves the cloth for the awakening of the human being.”

Rinoceronte Giuggiolo Acqua Marina, President Stiching Damanhur Foundation


“Such an amazing book with such awesome insights and for the courage you took to do this journey… ……hugely inspiring.”

 Kate Delamere, Author and Editor


“You may have found yourself reading these words out of curiosity or fascination but perhaps there’s a wish, like Feroze, to know. His book is a bridge to you from a world that is unseen by most except those that are seekers. These pages are filled with personal anecdotal experiences that may seem straight from a fairy tale. However, they’re the experiences of a seeker who’s spent many years looking for his truth. His faith and acceptance of his experiences has allowed these pages to emerge from the mists into reality… It’s more than a good story, it’s the path of one who’s been willing to plant his seeds of experience to build a bridge to us so you can go on to plant your own seeds as seekers, allow them to germinate and build your own bridges to the unknown.

These words will never be a substitute for your own experiences but they can act as a guide for you from another’s journey.”

 Craig Rebuck, Sylvan Healing Sanctuary.


When Feroze asked me to review his book, I replied that it would be a privilege and an honour to do so; it has not disappointed, this is a book which tells a wonderful story. 

I practise as a doctor and surgeon, so professionally have much interest in the sections of the book devoted to healing; these are impressive and riveting. However, I also read the book from the position of a Seeker; this book is full of wonderful insights, into seeking the Kingdom of God within. It incorporates practical advice as to the different types of meditative exercises Feroze has mastered and his desire to share these things with fellow seekers to our potential betterment…This is a timely and brave book as the world adjusts to the Covid 19 pandemic and across the globe there is an enhanced desire to care for our planet and ourselves, not just in mind and body but also in our souls… This book shows us routes to spiritual well-being, via caring for others, meditation and prayer. I have always described Feroze as my Sufi Moslem, Buddhist, Franciscan Christian friend; this book confirms me in that view.

Feroze has much to share and he does it beautifully.” 

Dr. J Richard Smith, Gynaecological surgeon & Writer


“From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the very beautiful book you have created and composed. I see and feel the love it holds and wish that many might seek it and read it. In my humble gratitude for thinking of me and sending this beautiful book to me … love and affection”

Damaris Lau, Yogi & Clairvoyant


“This fascinating book is an account of how, in the course of encountering the remarkable people whom he describes in these pages, the man who produced the TV series “Discovering Humanity” discovered his own humanity. However, having known “the old Feroze” (as he refers to the person he was in the world of business and finance), I can testify to the fact that deep down he remains the same – warm, open and humane – human being whom I have always known.

 Moreover, at a time when Myanmar is plunged into internal strife, it is good to read about another Myanmar, a place of serenity, the land with the lake that, says Feroze, “changed my life completely”. In a sense, then, we owe this book to Inle Lake.”

Dr. Brian Klug, Emeritus Fellow in Philosophy, University of Oxford


“Readers of Feroze Dada’s first book, Children of the Revolution, which focused on his work in Myanmar, will have been inspired by his ability to reinvent himself from tax advisor into philanthropist with a determined mission to improve the world… A Disciple is a meditation on the next stage of a journey which clearly has some distance still to run. That journey is described with humility, with a passionate and inspiring intensity and with the underlying goal of helping others to follow the same path. It is a story which will resonate with many, faced as we are by growing and startling inequality and geopolitical threat.

It is a book for our time, full of lessons as we emerge from the pandemic and listen to our inner voices in a renewed quest for individual and spiritual fulfilment. Read it.”

Sir Nigel Carrington


“Your book A Disciple was so especially loving and poetic and moved me on many levels…You are a delightfully joyful, energetic, gifted and mindful representative of a healing Spirit and voyager through the world, mind, body, and time who is helping make others aware of their ability to enjoy life, understand relationships, and build new relationships.”

Sheryl Glick, RMT, Host of radio show “Healing From Within”


“One of the most ‘soul touching’ book I have ever read. Of immense modern-day relevance, it has the potential of becoming a ‘mooring for the soul’ as we descend deeper into an age of materialism and ‘artificial intelligence.”

 Khalid Awan, Chairman TCS


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