Good Scammer

By Guy Kennaway

Good Scammer tells the story of Clive ‘Bangaz’ Thompson, an orphan born in west Jamaica raised with no love, education, nor prospects of ever getting a decent job.  He designs an ingenious business model that brings millions of dollars annually to the little villages around the sandy inlets of the Jamaican coast, making himself a vast personal fortune and a hero to his community.  He achieves all of this without using a knife or a gun or even the threat of violence.

Many people simply see scammers as criminals.

But Bangaz’s life, when seen from his perspective as a victim of the theft and duplicity of slavery and colonialism, tells a different, more complex human story.  Through his eyes, our sympathy and smiles justifiably remain with him and his righteous band of reparation bredren.

About Guy Kennaway

GUY KENNAWAY lives for pleasure, producing books only when all else has failed. In all of Kennaway’s work he likes to find downtrodden minorities under severe pressure and then make fun of them. He is best known for One People about a Jamaican village threatened by mass US tourism, and Bird Brain about a community of optimistic pheasants. He has written for magazines and newspapers, as well as many film scripts and TV adaptations, none of which have been made. Not surprisingly he lives alone.

News & Reviews

‘Willy Loxley-Gordon is a washed-up English novelist, drinking himself to death in Jamaice. Clive ‘Bangaz’ Thompson is the king of the island’s scam artists – he’s made a fortune conning Americans out of their savings and now he’s decided he wants to tell his story. Willy reluctantly takes the job and unearths the sometimes brutal, often hilarious story of how Jamaice became a mecca for con artists. Wonderfully entertaining and surprisingly profound.’ John Williams in the the Mail on Sunday.