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Publication Date April 7 2022

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I Fear for This Boy: Some Chapters of Accidents

By Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell’s picaresque journey from the depths of financial despair to the glittering celebrity world of the rich and famous is a comic classic comparable to Three Men in a Boat or Bill Bryson’s The Thunderbolt Kid. Despite the occasional success disasters and failures dominate his business life. Nonetheless his jewellery has brought pleasure to thousands and this book will bring pleasure to millions.

About Theo Fennell

Fennell was born in Moascar, Egypt, where British soldiers were garrisoned along the Suez Canal. The son of an army family, he spent his early years all over the world. He was sent to boarding school at five, then to Eton, York College of Art, followed by the Byam Shaw School of Art. He lives in London with his wife, Louise, an author. The couple have two daughters, Emerald, a writer, actor and director, and Coco, a dress designer.

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