Shimmer, don't Shake

How Publishing can embrace AI
By Nadim Sadek

Discover the future of publishing in Shimmer, don’t Shake: How Publishing can embrace AI by Nadim Sadek. This groundbreaking book explores the evolving landscape of the publishing industry and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the way books are promoted, matched with readers, and valued.

Authors often feel frustrated with the limited promotion of their books by traditional publishers. Marketing departments struggle to effectively connect with readers due to limited resources and the strain of managing exasperated authors. On the other hand, readers yearn for a more effective way to find books that suit their tastes. There is a vast untapped potential for matching willing audiences with suitable books, written by talented authors who seek greater reach.

Shimmer, don’t Shake presents AI as the solution to these challenges. By leveraging AI technologies, publishers can optimise product descriptions, create unique marketing copy, and generate personalized book recommendations. Large language models like the GPT-series enable automated generation of high-quality book descriptions, freeing marketers from the time-consuming task of manual crafting. AI systems can be trained to consider the psychological profile of a book and match it to the frame of mind of a specific audience, ensuring a more effective connection between readers and books.

With AI, the publishing industry can enter a new era of innovation and success. Shimmer, don’t Shake showcases how AI can help authors, readers, and publishers alike. Authors can gain greater visibility and reach as their books are matched with their target audience, allowing their genius to shimmer in the public’s eye. Readers can finally discover books that fulfil their needs and preferences, enhancing their reading experience. Publishers can extract more value from their vast catalog of titles, ensuring that every book has the opportunity to shine.

This book goes beyond theoretical discussions and provides practical insights on integrating AI into the publishing process. It addresses the ethical considerations surrounding AI and emphasizes the need to preserve the artistic merit of writing. With a blend of expertise in publishing, psychology, AI, and marketing, the author presents a comprehensive guide to leveraging AI for successful book promotion and engagement.

Shimmer, don’t Shake is a must-read for authors, publishers, and anyone interested in the future of the publishing industry. It offers a compelling vision of how AI can transform publishing, allowing books to embrace new opportunities, connect with readers on a deeper level, and ultimately thrive in the digital age.

About Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek is the Author of ‘Shimmer, don’t Shake – how Publishing can embrace AI’. It is published globally under licence in English by Forbes Books, and in all other languages by Mensch Publishing. See more on

Nadim is also Founder & CEO of Shimmr AI, producing and deploying advertising for long-tail (back-list) assets. An AI-native business, it focuses on publishing, making under-monetised titles more productive, improving publishers’ profitability, giving authors greater reach, and bringing fulfilling books to psychologically-matched readers.Previously, Nadim was Founder & CEO of ProQuo AI, an AI-driven brand management platform, which proved product market fit and created a new sector in marketing technology. Nadim was also Founder and CEO of Inish Turk Beg, a whiskey, food, and music business he built on an island he acquired off the West coast of Ireland. He won a global Mobius award for creating ‘the best new brand’. Earlier, he used his degree in Psychology to found and lead what became the world’s largest qualitative market research company, Sadek Wynberg Research. This was sold to WPP, and he led two of their global networks, Millward Brown Qualitative Network and Research International. He studied Pure Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin (and a year of Mental & Moral Science).

Nadim manages an artist, Shaefri, signed by Warner, and presents Boss Bikes Club, a YouTube motorcycle review channel. He is half-Irish, half-Egyptian, raised in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. He lives in London.

News & Reviews

Thomas Cox, Managing Director, Arq Works
I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Shimmer, Don’t Shake’ and highly recommend it for publishers, tech enthusiasts, and futurists alike. Nadim Sadek expertly paints the landscape for the imminent convergence of publishing and AI. By exploring the various epochs that have shaped both fields, he draws insights from past eras to predict the opportunities and consequences of our ongoing technological revolution. As a technologist working in the publishing space, I found Nadim’s perspectives on the potential applications of AI in this field and their implications for the industry especially thought-provoking and insightful. With a captivating blend of historical context, technological insights, and examinations of societal implications, Nadim adeptly guides readers through the evolution of AI in publishing. Nadim isn’t merely commenting from the sidelines; he’s actively involved. He underscores the significant work he and his company undertake in this area, assisting publishers and authors in leveraging AI to ensure their titles reach targeted audiences. While Nadim doesn’t profess to be a historian or a technical expert in artificial intelligence, he delves into these complex topics with a unique style, drawing extensively from his experience in the field. I believe that for those in the publishing industry seeking guidance through the uncharted waters of AI in publishing, ‘Shimmer, Don’t Shake’ stands as an invaluable resource.

Martin Pichlmair, CEO of Write with LAIKA · Associate Professor at ITU Copenhagen · Co-founder of Broken Rules
Writing has been at the heart of the Generative AI revolution and there’s no medium that’s more used to shaking things up. Shimmer, Don’t Shake starts off with giving an overview of all those historic moments where writing proved as a catalyst for change. And after a solid introduction to current AI technologies it quickly gets to the core of the issue: a balanced and well thought through analysis of the influence that AI – and not only the generative kind – will have on publishing and already has. This book is a fascinating read that someone like me, who works in Generative AI but is several layers removed from the publishing industry, can learn a lot from. It is well grounded in research and every page makes clear that an expert of this industry was at work here. It projects just enough into the future to get a hunch of changes to come. And it strikes an appreciable balance between hype, hope, and fear. All that, written in a clear and concise language.

Rick Mayston, Literary & Media Agent
As someone who has worked in publishing and the media for around 48 years(!), I have been party to many new innovations and changes that have affected my industry as a whole. Some within that industry have sought to carry on without any acknowledgement of the developing age, and some have embraced it positively. What I can say categorically is that it is the latter group that generally survive…and indeed thrive where they may not have even been a major player previously. Does that mean that everything has to change? Absolutely not…and it is refreshing to read such a positive response to AI that seeks to combine the new technology with the best of past traditions in order to provide a much broader platform for success. Many in the tech world understand the technology but not how to monetise it. Many in the publishing world are fearful of anything new ’taking over’. In this book, Nadim Sadek superbly addresses both the many revenue opportunities and the industry’s fears in a way that is fully coherent to the layman. He does not preach about the virtues of AI, nor does he demean the history of publishing. Instead we feel as if we are in a similar place to where the author started his journey, and that if we take a similar path, opportunities will present themselves in ways that may not previously have been possible. An excellent read for anyone wanting to engage positively with AI, but does not want to fully relinquish tried and tested traditions.

Ben Bilboul, Founder & Managing Partner of Karmarama (now part of Accenture Song)
AI looks set to disrupt the advertising industry at a scale not seen since the introduction of television or the world wide web. But Nadim offers an optimistic and clear-eyed look at the benefits and opportunities afforded to agencies and marketers by the arrival of LLMs and other AI technologies. There are lessons here not just for publishers, but everyone in marketing grappling with our new world.