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What does it mean ‘to be fair’, how do we decide what we mean by Fair Play and why does unfairness cause us such anguish? We take it for granted and talk about it constantly, but when fairness is broken, why does its absence gnaw at what it means to be human?

Fairness has gone missing in Western society, Ben Fenton argues in this polemic on the common impulse that holds humanity together.

Fenton, one of Britain’s most experienced news reporters, defines what we mean by fairness and reveals where it sits in the make-up of our species. He traces the evolution of the instinct to be fair from prehistoric man to Black Lives Matter and explores its place in history, politics, sport, law, business and even in war.

About Ben Fenton

Ben Fenton has spent the 42 years of his adulthood studying people and writing about them. First as an undergraduate historian, then for 32 years as a reporter for the Oxford Mail, The Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times, finally as a media consultant and strategist in the oblique world of public relations.


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To Be Fair News

Publication 11 March 2021