Why Sex Doesn't Matter

By Olivia Fane

Is Sex Natural? Is Sex Dirty? Is Sex Loving? Is Sex about Beauty? Is Sex Political?

Throwing a much needed rational, well-argued and unafraid eye on the sexual act, in all its forms, and sexual identity, in all its forms.

Olivia never shies away from speaking her mind. She backs up her arguments clearly, she is very well informed and this is a highly intelligent and necessary book in these confused, self-obsessed, sex-obsessed and gender-fluid times.

‘Extremely articulate, argumentative and allusive…The case against, firmly stated.’ Evening Standard

a tireless destructor of today’s cultural obsession…’ Zoe Strimpel, Telegraph

About Olivia Fane

Olivia Fane has endured one divorce, married two husbands, been awarded three M.A.s in Classics, Social Work, and Theology, written five novels, and given birth to five sons. She lives in Sussex. Fane’s combination of intellectual ideas and clear, involving prose won her a Betty Trask Award for her first novel, Landing on Clouds, and drew comparisons with Iris Murdoch.