You Matter

The Human Solution
By Delia Smith

Britain’s most trusted food expert delivers a call to action for self-awareness and confidence in the 21st Century.

We know science is awesome as are its achievements. Yet so far science has managed to side step the most awesome reality of all, the true nature of human life, the source of their own genius. How is it that in the overwhelming immensity of the cosmos, on microscopic earth, human beings exist?

We have not yet looked reality in the face, and perceived the nobility and grandeur of who we are, each of us having a responsibility in the universe and being part of a vast and continuing process which emerges from the shadows and darkest corners of our thought only when we step aside away from all the noise.


About Delia Smith

Delia is Britain’s best-loved and most trusted cookery writer and football club owner.

Delia has worked with food for over fifty years, writing columns and books and broadcasting culinary science from the ground up in a practical, accessible and straightforward style.  She was appointed Companion of Honour in 2017.

Delia has written many bestselling cookery books, such as How To Cheat At Cooking, How To Cook and Frugal Food – which, like many of her works, was published for charity.  Her aggregate book sales exceed 21 million, with Delia Smith’s Cookery Course alone selling over six million copies.

She lives with her husband in Suffolk and attends all of Norwich City’s matches.

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‘There is a profound and enabling optimism in what Delia says that is often missing in other writings on climate change.’ Peter Stanford in The Tablet