Mensch to publish Delia Smith’s You Matter

Multi-million bestselling author issues a call for the Examined Life

Mensch will publish British television host and cookbook writer Delia Smith’s new bookYou Matter, in March 2022.

In the book, the bestselling author issues a call for the examined life.  She will reflect on the human need for reflective thoughts, stillness, silence, and the ‘very natural spiritual dimension’ that often gets drowned out by surface life and its overload.   Regaining and revisiting this will be, she says, vital in order to tackle the most pressing problems of our day – from covid-19 to climate change.

The book will also be a call to arms, Smith says.  ‘If things are not as they should be in our world, isn’t now time for a new human spirit to emerge? To engage in bigger, more ambitious thinking and to become more aware of our roles as humans.’  To do so, she argues, will require many of us to ‘explore the deeper inner dimensions in our own lives and in the world’ through the ideas explored in the book.

Mensch founder Richard Charkin acquired world rights from Simon Juden.

Charkin says, ‘I could not be happier to be working with the most trusted author of our time, particularly at a time of such stress and mistrust. This book is an insightful culmination of Delia’s philosophy and advice’

Notes for Editors:

Delia Smith

Delia is Britain’s best-loved and most trusted cookery writer and football club owner.

Delia has worked with food for over fifty years, writing columns, books, online and broadcasting culinary science from the ground up in a practical, accessible and straightforward style.  She was appointed Companion of Honour in 2017 for her contribution to cooking and cookery education.

Delia has written many bestselling cookery books, such as How to Cheat at Cooking, Summer & Winter Collections, How to Cook, Christmas, Book of Cakes and Frugal Food – which was published for charity.  Her aggregate book sales exceed 21 million, with Delia Smith’s Cookery Course alone selling over six million copies.

She lives with her husband in Suffolk and attends all of Norwich City’s matches.